Mr Mercedes Episode 5 – The Suicide Hour

Posted: September 7, 2017
Category: Movies
Bill keeps looking into The Mercedes Killer and now he gets the chance to talk to Olivia's mother. She tells him about Gerald that Olivia was talking to on “Under Debbi’s Blue Umbrella”. Gerald, who we understand is Brady, told Olivia that they both were responsible for the killings and that they had to take their own lives. After a while Olivia's mother recognize Bill as the detective on the case and starts yelling at him for how rough he treated Olivia. That he was responsible for the press knowing that it was her car that was used in the killing. Janey asks him if this is true and he has no choice but to confess. This brings Bill and Janey’s relationship to a halt and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Jerome tries to help Bill but Bill doesn’t want him there. He feels it's not safe and he is quite nasty about it. But how safe is Jerome? One day when he comes home he sees Brady outside his house. He doesn’t know who Brady is or that he's there to kill Jerome's dog but his behavior makes Jerome notice him...

Brady on the other hand is up for a promotion at the store and life is going pretty well for him. We find out how he got Olivia's key signal so he could use her car and we find out more about his relationship with his mother. An incestuous relationship that is good for neither of them.

Some changes from the book are to be found in this episode. One is that when Bill and Brady communicate on “Under Debbie’s Blue Umbrella” they do it by video chat instead of in writing. This I like. It's so much more visual and I suspect that it would have been hard to get those interactions with them just writing to each other. Another difference is Brady's chance for a promotion. This isn't in the book. It's not a big change and I suspect the reason they put it in there has something to do with the way they will end the season. So far that's just a guess on my part so I won’t elaborate more on that for now.

Still no Holly but if the story’s heading in the direction that I think it is I'm pretty sure we'll see her in the next episode. I’m really looking forward to see how Justine Lupe play the part. It’s such an important part and I really hope she nails it.

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes Episode 5 – The Suicide Hour:

As usual it’s a joy to see Kelly Lynch as Brady’s mother. She’s so perfect for this role.