Sole Survivors #1

Posted: October 21, 2009
Category: Comics
The third story arc of The Stand called Soul Survivors kicks on with its first issue today. I have checked it out and it looks beautiful. The entire issue is dedicated to Nick and Tom Cullen and we get to follow them a couple of days in July to see how they travel through the US looking for other survivors. They do find Julie but both men wishes they never did.

I like that the entire issue is dedicated to these two characters. I hope they will keep it this way throughout the entire arc and keep the issues focused on one character or one group of characters. It gives you a lot more time with each of them and that lets the creators of the comic develop the characters in a good way.

We get to know Tom Cullen and his way of being better but we also get to see a harder side of Nick in the issue. I like the development of the characters and how they are illustrated. Mike Perkins has done a wonderful job illustrating them.

As a bonus we get a look at some sketches for this issue as well as a preview for the next issue and it looks like that one will focus on Larry.

Lilja's final words about Sole Survivors #1:

This is a good start for the new arc and I sure hope they keep each issue focused on one or a few characters. I think that is a winning concept.

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