David Dastmalchian Talks The Life of Chuck

Posted: April 23, 2024, 00:12
David Dastmalchian discusses his experience working with Mike Flanagan on The Life of Chuck and it’s good things he has to say…

Getting to work with Mike Flanagan on Life of Chuck was A) an honor because I just adore his work. I think he’s such a talented storyteller. B) he’s a close friend of mine. So it’s fun when your friends with someone, for example, James Gunn, we were friends a long time before I ever got to be directed by the guy. You know, like. So with Mike, when he said ‘do you want to come play on Life of Chuck?’ and he told me about the character and I got to read his script, and I was so moved.

And you know, it’s beautiful, it’s based off the Stephen King story. You think, Mike Flanagan, Stephen King, this thing’s going to just be the most horrifying, terrifying, thing you’ve ever seen. It is so beautifully rendered, heartfelt, the drama, the performances, they’re all across the board. The cast in this is deep. Matt Lillard has a moment in this film that just breaks my heart. Karen Gillan, another one who I think rides that incredible ski slope between her small indie art films and then big studio budgeted things. One of the best actors in Hollywood right now. Kate Siegel, I mean there’s so much great people! Ah, what a joy.