You Like It Darker; New Collection Out In 2024

Posted: August 8, 2023, 23:38
In the latest episode of Talking Scared Podcast King reveals that he’ll have a new collection out in 2024. The title will be You Like it Darker. No word on when during 2024 it will be out but it will be over 600 pages long. Here is what King said about it:

Then last year, there’s a story. It’ll be in a book that comes out next year called You Like It Darker. They’re mostly news stories, long stories, for the most part. One of them is called The Dreamers. One night I was lying in bed. I tell myself stories before I go to sleep. That’s how I get to sleep. I had this image of a man who was under some kind of drug. He opens his eyes and they turn black and these tendrils start to come out of his eyeballs. They just creep me out. I couldn’t think about that anymore. I put that aside.

The next day I said to myself, oh, I remember that book, Lovecraft’s Beyond the Wall of
Sleep. I said, what if a man didn’t get through the wall of sleep or over the wall of sleep, but
under it? What if there was something beyond that wall, beyond the actual dreams that we have, a reality that’s huge, that’s apocalyptic, some huge darkness that’s sentient, that had something
like that? I thought that goes with the tendrils and the eyeballs. I had that story like that. But I couldn’t think about it at night. I couldn’t do that because it just was so creepy to me.