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Swedish TV Doing a Segment on Lilja's Library
Today Swedish TV shot a segment about me and Lilja's Library. No date has been set for when it will air yet but when it do I will link to it here. Tha
Two New Items in Marv's Museum
Not much happening in the world of Stephen King these days so I decided to add two new items to Marv’s Museum. The first is a hat from Haven and the
Illustrate a Trouble Winner
Here is the winning entry in the illustrate a trouble Contest I ran here at Lilja's Library. The winner is Darren LeBlanc who will get a signed cast p
Covers For Mr Mercedes
Looks like Mr Mercedes has been released in more languages than I thought and thanks to everyone that told me about them. Most of the editions have ei
Have you ordered your copy of Dark Screams: Volume One? If not do it now. King's Weeds is included and it's the same version he publised in Cavalier
UK Cover For Finders Keepers
Here is the cover for the UK edition of Finders Keepers. A really nice cover if you ask me.
Mr Mercedes Around the World
Its 198 days since Mr Mercedes was released and not it’s starting to pop up in different translations as well. Here is a list of other languages the
House of Cards Cover
Yes, this is King related and not about the TV series House of Cards. Marvel and Stephen King has announced the next installment of The Dark Tower com
A Merry King's Christmas
In about a week Christmas is here and hopefully you have gotten all your Christmas shopping done by now but if you haven’t, here are some suggesti
Ep 39: A Josh Boone Revival Of The Stand
With your hosts Hans Lilja of Lilja's Library and podcaster - Lou Sytsma. Welcome to Episode 39 of The Stephen King Podcast! We take a moment
New French Book About King's Work
Here is a book about King's work. It's focused on the French market and in French but if you understand that, please check it out. And for the rest of
Dark Screams
Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman of Cemetery Dance Publications have joined forces with the cutting edge team at Hydra, a division of Random Ho
IT Starts Filming This Summer
Finally some IT news has been arriving. According to the project’s producer Dan Lin the plan is to start official prep in March for a summer shoot.
King & AC/DC
With AC/DC having a new CD out it seems right to watch this clip...
Which is the Best King book? Cast Your Vote!
Over the years many have tried to crown the #1 Stephen King book but has anyone asked the fans? Well, I did back in 2012 but I realized that since t
King Photo
Just saw this new photo of King over at Simon & Schuster's page.
Today is a very sad day!
Today is a very sad day because a friend and King expert; Rocky Wood has passed away. I think many of us knew he was terminally ill. I have for years