Shining in the Dark FANPHOTOS

Here's a little gallery of fans getting their copy of Shining in the Dark. To be featured on this page, follow the instructions in this article.

Number of fanphotos: 22

  • Buba, Bulgaria
  • Verica Caranovic
  • Kissa,The Queen of Serbia
  • Jeff Daugherty Princeton KY
  • Dan Paxer, Sweden
  • Rusty L
  • Greg Reiser, Ottawa, Canada
  • Luca Gnuva, Italy
  • Hans W. von Wirth, Germany
  • Peter Trúchly, Slovakia
  • Dieter Annecke, Germany
  • Yvonne Schleip, Germany
  • Anni Hauch, Germany
  • Carsten Lang, Germany
  • Eva Mirschel, Germany
  • Tatjana Liebich, Germany
  • Frank Festa, Germany
  • Marv, Bulgaria
  • Josefine Åhsberg, Sweden
  • Leon Duran, USA
  • Anders Jakobson, Sweden
  • Hans-Åke Lilja, Sweden