Posted: January 24, 2005

I have just read and listen to Faithful: Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season. Yes, you read right. I have both read and listen to it. For the first time I got both my review copy of the book and the audio at the same time. I therefore decided to read part of it and listen to part of it.

Did it make a big different? Well it actually did. Let me start by saying that this is a really special book. If you live in the US or another country where baseball is a recognized sport you will enjoy this bookÖor at least you will understand it. That is my biggest problem with Faithful. I donít know who you play baseballÖ In the book King and OíNan cover the last season through their favorite team, The Boston Red Sox. And itís amazing that The Sox actually won the word series that very same seasonÖwhat are the odds?

Anyhow, I really enjoyed the books sound. Both King and OíNan (who I havenít read anything else by - yet) have a really good voice when they write. They can both talk about the most regular things with an interesting voice. In Faithful you can easily see who has written what. Kingís text is bold and OíNanís isnít. Itís quite interesting to see who has written what and you do not need to read much to see that itís OíNan that is the one keeping track of the details. So, itís an interesting written book and the problems with the it comes when they are given detailed descriptions of the games. I donít know what an inning is and I donít understand what it is to have men on the bases. See what I mean?

So, itís a very strange book to read. There you are enjoying what you read and then all of a sudden you donít really understand what they are talking about. And when you donít understand itís easy to loose your interest. So after reading part of the book I decided to listen to the rest of it and it was actually easier.

Why you ask? Well, Iím not really sure but I believe itís because it goes faster and you are sucked into what you listen to in a different way. Adam Grupper (reading OíNanís parts) and Ron McLarty (reading Kingís parts) do a very good job narrating the book. Itís a good thing that they have so different voices though. If they didnít it would be impossible to know whoís talking (writing), King or OíNan.

Itís also fun to see that OíNan is such a fan. I recognize myself in being a King fan in him being a Sox fan. He tells about how he poses as a reporter and get a ball sign while doing it. He knows no real reporter would do that be then he isnít a reporter, right? Really nice reading!

So, even though this is a book that Iíll probably wonít read a second time it has brought one really nice thing with it. Iím really eager to try another book by OíNan. Hopefully he will fill in the voids now that Kingís books wonít be out as close as they use to. Iíll let you know at a later timeÖ

Lilja's final words about Faithful

So, should you read this one? Well, I think that you should but if you donít understand baseball youíll have a bit of a hard time getting through it. Please donít give up though. Even though itís not my favorite book Iím really glad I finished it.

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