The Mist Episode 1 - The Pilot

Posted: May 25, 2017

The Mist is here! The TV series that is. And letís start with the elephant in the room. Is it a straight adaptation of Kingís story? No, itís not. The story has been expanded and the characters are more and new. So, if you look for a straight adaptation of Kingís story this series isnít for you. You should probably check out the movie version instead. BUT WAIT! Even if a straight adaptation was what you came looking for, why not give this series a chance?

If youíre curious to follow a group of people caught in a mist that contains something scary, something that wants to hurt them. If youíre curious to follow a group of people that have a history before the mist arrives, a history full of things and conflicts that follows them into the mist. Then this TV series is for you because that is what showrunner Christian Torpe has created, using Kingís setting as a starting point.

Now, this pilot is just under 50 minutes long and that is way too short to give you a good indication on where this show is going. My rule is that you need to see at least four episodes before you can give a good opinion as to how well the series will do and if itís something you want to invest time in and follow. After seeing the pilot, I will definitely keep watching The Mist and see where it takes us.

As the series has a lot of main characters spread over several locations it will take time to get to know them. Some, it seems, weíll get to know faster than others but it will take time. There is also a lot of things that weíll need to get explained. Why is the mist there? What is hiding in it? How come there are so many trees as soon as they get into the mist? What does Bryan Hunt (the army man) know that the rest doesnít and how come he knows it at all? Lots of questions that hopefully will be answered once the season gets rolling.

Lilja's final words about The Mist Episode 1 - The Pilot

Give the show a chance! I know a lot of you donít do that if itís not a straight adaptation. And Iím not saying that this wonít crash and burn like Under the Dome did but it could also be good like Haven was or better. So, follow my rule. Give it four episodes and then you decide for yourself. That is what Iím going to do!