11.22.63 Episode 4

Posted: March 7, 2016

In episode 4 we get to know Sadieís husband, Johnny Clayton and he is not a nice guy. He is still very controlling and has no plans at all of giving Sadie her divorce. It really doesnít improve things when Jake tells him he will beat him up if he doesnít give her the divorce. Johnny is played by T.R. Knight and he does a great job with the role. He looks really psychotic. And he is psychotic which Sadie and Jake will soon find out.

The other big thing in this episode is that we have arrived in 1963 and the JFK assassination draws closer. Jake and Bill still arenít sure if itís Lee and Lee alone that assassinates JFK so they keep following him to see what he does. As they do Bill gets more and more fond of Leeís wife Marina and he actually starts to interact with her against Jakeís strict orders. Jake doesnít want to risk changing whatís about to happen more than they absolutely have to.

Jake and Sadie are moving on in their relationship and Jake almost tells her who he is and what heís doing there. He doesnít but itís close. One of the reasons he almost tells her is that Miss Mimi finds out he isnít Jake Amberson. He confesses to her that his real name is Jake Epping but he doesnít tell her heís from the future. He tells her heís in the witness protection program after testifying against the mafia. Itís fun to see the reaction from Miss Mimi as she has no idea what the mafia isÖ

No Yellow Card Man in this episode and I think that is a good thing. We donít want the supernatural to take more space than it needs to here. I do want more of Lee though but hopefully weíll get that in the next episode.

Lilja's final words about 11.22.63 Episode 4

The characters are settling in, the script works, the plot moves forward and closing in on the JFK assassination. I like it!