That Bus is Another World

Posted: July 5, 2014

When King was in Europe last year he got the idea for That Bus is Another World and while in Hamburg he told us about it. Now the story is written and Esquire will publish it in the August issue. Itís pretty much the same as what King told us in Hamburg. We get more info about the man, Wilson, and how he is on his way to a meeting. To ensure he arrives in time he has left quite early but things keep happening to him that make it more and more likely that he may actually miss his appointment.

While enroute to his meeting his cab pulls up beside a bus, Wilson sees a man kill the woman next to him. Just as he does the cab begins moving again and Wilson has to decide if he should call the police or if he should just keep going to get to his meeting in timeÖ

That Bus is Another World seems very much like the start of something. An excerpt from something bigger. I doubt that it is though but Iím still hoping. Iím very curious about Wilson. Even more so than about the murder happening on the bus. Will he get the job? What happens if he doesnít? Will he even be there in time for the meeting? Itís not that I donít want to know about the murder but as it is now itís more of a distraction in the story about Wilson than the driving force of the story.

Lilja's final words about That Bus is Another World

That Bus is Another World is a short story but well worth reading and who knows, maybe someday King will tell us the full story of WilsonÖ