Doctor Sleep

Posted: September 23, 2013

Doctor Sleep picks up about 35 years after The Shining. Danny Torrance or Dan as heís called now is now all grown up. He still struggles with the memories from The Overlook Hotel though and as an adult he is very much like his father in certain ways. Like his father heís an alcoholic, like his father ha has a lot of rage inside of him but unlike his father, Dan is going to A.A. meetings, something that might save his lifeÖ Dan works at a hospice facility where he helps the dying to pass over to the other side. Thatís why heís gotten the nickname Doctor Sleep and the book itís title.

To this King adds another child Abra who has an even stronger shine than Dan. She has ever since she was born and from time to time sheís tried to show her parents that something is going to happen but they never understand. They do however start to worry as she gets older and starts putting spoons to the ceiling.

At the same time we learn about a group of people, or almost people at least called The True Knot. They were all regular people at one time but now they are something else. Like vampireís they feed on other people. But not their blood. They feed on fear. Thatís why they gather when a disaster happens, to suck the fear from people. But whatís even better for them is to torture kids with the Shine. And whoís better than Abra? Right, no one. So as The True Knot sets out to get her she seeks help from Dan and itís soon very clear that thereís going to be a confrontationÖand an ugly one at best.

The first thing we get in the book is a recollection of whatís happened between The Shining and Doctor Sleep and once you have read that you know pretty much all you need to know to read Doctor Sleep. In other words you donít need to have read The Shining before you read Doctor Sleep. However, if you have read The Shining Doctor Sleep will get so much better. Why? Well, because youíll know all the back history of Dan and you will pick up small details that youíll surely miss otherwise. But King has written the book so that both people that has read The Shining and those how hasnít can enjoy it. Doctor Sleep is a very worthy follow up to The Shining but with that said though Iíd also like to point out that Doctor Sleep isnít anywhere near as scary as The Shining.

And as usual King is at his best when he creates characters. I love the characters in the book; Dan, Abra, Rose the Hat and Crow Daddy just to mention a few. The way King describes Danís anxiety for what he does while drunk. You really feel for him and I love every minute of it. My only concern now is that someone will try to turn it into a movie. I donít want to reveal too much but youíll see what I mean when you read the book. To me it seems impossible to do it justice on the screen. As a book though, itís a wonderful experience that Iím very grateful that I got to experience.

Lilja's final words about Doctor Sleep

I got the chance to listen to the audio version of Doctor Sleep and I like Will Pattonís narration a lot. He really gets the characters and gives them each a unique identity. His voice works very well for narration and together with Kingís story it creates a good collaboration.

I enjoyed Doctor Sleep a lot both as book and audio and as I said, if you havenít read The Shining, take the time to do that before you read Doctor Sleep. Youíll enjoy Doctor Sleep even more if you have The Shining fresh in your memory!