Road Rage #1

Posted: February 13, 2012

The fascination with Throttle is that you donít really know why the truck driver goes after The Tribe. It could be because they cut in front of him but who would kill for that? Maybe the truck driver but we really never know. Itís fascinating though to see someone go crazy like that and that feeling is what King and Hill is getting through from the written word to the reader in their story. And the same goes for the comic. We donít know why whatís happening is happening but itís fascinating.

The comic is adapted by Chris Ryall and illustrated by Nelson Daniel and they both manage to get the same feeling in the comic. We feel for The Tribe and Danielís illustrations are just as detailed as they should be some of them very graphical. They are also quite different from other comics based on Kingís work that isn't a bad thing. The characters are rougher but that fits the story perfectly. In other words; Daniel's illustrations are just what the story need.

This is the first issue of four. The second will conclude Throttle and the third and fourth will be an adaptation of Richard Mathesonís Duel which is the inspiration for King and Hills story. And for those of you that donít know what Throttle is about itís about a motorcycle gang that is being hunted by this very big truck when they are on the road. No one really knows why but it definitely looks like he wants to kill them and even though they are on motorcycles itís not as easy as one might think to get away from the truck. Especially this one, who has a way of always coming back.

At the end of this issue we get a column by Chris Ryall about his work with King, Hill and Matheson and itís obvious that the stories, mostly Duel, has had a big impact on him. And if he, and the team behind the comic, continues in the way they have started in this the first issue they will honor the stories in a way that they can be very proud of.

Lilja's final words about Road Rage #1

This comic is as interesting as itís short. Four issues must be quite uncommon for a comic. The first issue promises very good things to come though and I know for sure Iíll be along for the ride.