Blockade Billy

Posted: May 28, 2010

Blockade Billy was first released by Cemetery Dance (review here) but since King is King and has a large following Cemetery Danceís edition wasnít big enough to go around for everyone that wanted to read it. What to do? Well, the obvious thing to do was to let Scribner release an edition of it and that is what they have done. And to make it special they also included Kingís short story Morality (previously reviewed here).

I wonít go into the plot of each story here, you can find out more about that in my earlier reviews. I will however comment on the selection of Morality. Itís not a logical choice to team up with Blockade Billy. The stories donít have much in common except the fact that they are both good stories. But maybe that was the reason they where teamed together in this book?

The Scribner edition was also released as an audio book where Blockade Billy was narrated by Craig Wasson and Morality by Mare Winningham. They did both do a very good job in narrating the stories but with one small objection. Since I donít know much about baseball there is a small chance those parts of the book gets hard to understand. Well with the book it was I who decided if I needed to go back to re-read (which I did a few times) but here itís up to Wasson if I was gonna get it all. And some of the times I didnít. From time to time he got quite excited which was great for the story but harder for a non baseball fan to understand.

But all in all Scribnerís editions (hardback and audio) is quite nice. Itís good that we get an extra story even if Morality is one that we had already read.

Lilja's final words about Blockade Billy

I like both stories and even If they are a different they complement each other quite well. So, go out and get the book or audio (or both) you wonít regret it.

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