The Road of Trials #1

Posted: November 18, 2009

The first ďrealĒ issue of The Talisman is here. Itís called The Road of Trials and as the title suggest the first issue kicks of Jacks journey that will continues for about 30 issues if everything goes as planned.

Story wise the first issue donít offer any surprises. We get to know Jack, his mother and Speedy. We get to know about the Territories and that Jack has to go on a journey, a journey that will put him in harmís way but also give him the chance to let him save the life of his mother and her twinner in the Territories. The story follows the book pretty much exactly with the difference that it all happens faster in the comic. Thatís not surprising though and itís really not a problem.

The illustrations by Tony Shasteen are different from what weíre used to from The Dark Tower and The Stand but they are still very beautiful and I like them. The only thing that doesnít striking me as correct itís some of the illustrations of Speedy. In one he stands in a somewhat awkward position and in one he really doesnít look like himself but besides those minor details the issue looks very good.

At the back of the issue we also get an article by Robin Furth (who has written the script for the comic) and in it she explain her relation to the book and what it took from her to transform it into the script for the comic. And also why the characters look the way they do. Quite interesting article.

Lilja's final words about The Road of Trials #1

This is a good start for The Talisman comic and even if itís too early to say just yet I have a feeling it will be a success.

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