20th Century Ghost

Posted: October 8, 2012

I have just finished Joe Hillís collection 20th Century Ghost and I must admit that Joe really is a talented writer. This is his first book and without knowing when he wrote each story Iíd guess that some of them is from the beginning of his carer. I havenít read everything Hill has written but of the stories in 20th Century Ghost I feel that a lot of them are ďunfinishedĒ for the lack of a better word.

I find myself liking what I read and I keep guessing whatíll be next and what twist there will be but before anything happens the story ends and Iím left hanging without what Iíd consider an ending. Some of the stories that has open endings should be that way and leave it up to the readers to figer out what happens but some would definitely have benefited from a proper ending, and a twist.

BUT, there are some stories that are masterpieces in 20th Century Ghost. My favorit is Pop Art about an inflated boy and his friend. I know it sounds strange but read it, youíll love it. Another good one is Bobby Conroy Comes Back From The Dead in which Hill writes about the set of George Romeroís legendary movie Night of the Living Dead and itís like being there or at least getting the story told by someone that was. Very good.

The title story about a young girl that haunts a movie theatre is also very well told. The stories in the collection varies from a story about a museum where the owner has collected the last breath of various persons to a story about a black phone what rings when itís not supposed to. There is also an introduction by Christopher Golden and the audio is read by David Ledoux and even though I havenít heard anything he has narrated before he do a very good job here.

Lilja's final words about 20th Century Ghost

20th Century Ghost definitely shows you a big author in the making. Hill is very talented and after reading his first novel Heart-Shaped Box as well Iím sure weíll be hearing a lot more from him.