The Gingerbread Girl

Posted: May 5, 2008

The Gingerbread Girl hasnít been released in a book, yet. Itís going to be included in the upcoming collection Just After Sunset that is being released later this year. Now though itís out on audio read by Mare Winningham and just as she did with the audio version of Liseyís Story she does a wonderful job narrating it.

The story starts out pretty slow telling us about Em who leaves her husband. They lost their daughter not long ago and their marriage never recovered from it and now itís over, theyíre braking up. The nice thing with the story though is that this has almost noting to do with what happens when the story really gets going...

Em leaves for her fatherís vacation house where she gets a chance to be all by herself, to try to get back on her feet. Itís the off season and not many people staying there so she has most of the place to herself. However, there is one person out there, one person that Em really doesnít want to meat. Off course she does and we are taken for the ride of her life.

When I read the story almost a year ago I could really feel Emís panic and now when I listen to it narrated by Mare itís even more so. Mare really does a good job in translating Emís feelings and pain from the written word to the spoken. Itís almost as if you are there with her, taped to the chairÖ

Lilja's final words about The Gingerbread Girl

If youíre thinking of waiting for the story to be released in this falls collection Just After Sunset, donít! The Gingerbread Girl is a very good story to read but itís an even better to listen to it being narrated by Mare Winningham!

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