The Gingerbread Girl

Posted: June 25, 2007

The Gingerbread Girl is the story of Em, a woman that leaves her husband to go runningÖand ends up in her worst nightmare.

After finding their daughter Amy dead Em and her husband never managed to get their marriage back on track and one day Em just decides to leaves. And when she do, she leaves for her fatherís place at Vermillion Key where she plans to run and by doing so also deal with the grief over her daughter. However, faith wants other things for herÖ

One day while out running she happens to look into an open trunk of a car parked on one of the driveways she passes. In the trunk she sees a dead girl and before she gets much further sheís knocked unconscious. She later wakes up inside the house, taped to a chairÖ

The Gingerbread Girl starts of rather soft and feels a bit like Rose Madder even though Em and her husband arenít in an abusive relationship. It then quickly changes into a totally different story that is very intense and finds Em fighting for her life.

Personally I really felt Emís panic and fear when I read the story and I must say that with The Gingerbread Girl King shows why he is such a talented writer. The Gingerbread Girl is a short story (23 pages) but King still takes the time to give us a feeling of whatís going on in the mind of Jim Pickering, Emís perpetrator, and also tells us a great deal about Em and her background. The Gingerbread Girl is King showing why he is the King.

Lilja's final words about The Gingerbread Girl

The Gingerbread Girl is definitely becoming a favorite of mine and Iím really blown away by how good King channels Emís panic and fear over to the reader. What ever you do, donít miss this one! Itís now out in the July issue of Esquire.

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