Graduation Afternoon

Posted: March 16, 2007

Graduation Afternoon is a very strong story. Itís also a very hard story to review without giving away the endingÖbut Iíll try.

Graduation Afternoon tells the story of Janice who is a not so wealthy girl who is dating Buddy who is a very wealthy boy. His parents do not approve of their relationship and Janice also suspects that it will end pretty soon. What she doesnít know is how soon.

King doesnít give us that much background about the characters so we really donít know much about these people. What King does in this story though is that he builds it up to the climax beautifully and then just executes it. Personally I think itís one of the best short stories he has done. And yes, itís very short. Itís only five pages long but itís very effective.

King actually sums the story up best himself in the introduction to it. Here he talks about when he got the idea for it in London 2006:

ďWhen I woke, I slid to the floor, glad to be awake and amazed that any human brain could hold such a powerful image. I know I had to write about it, I know the story had to be short Ė no more then a vignette Ė and I know I would never be able to do the image (God, donít let it be a vision) justice.Ē

Graduation Afternoon can be found in Postscripts Magazine, issue #10 and besides Kingís story you also get stories from Joe Hill (Thumbprint), Peter Atkins (Between the Cold Moon and the Earth), Graham Joyce (The Last Testament of Seamus Todd) and many, many more.

Lilja's final words about Graduation Afternoon

Make sure you read Graduation Afternoon. Itís very short but itís among the best King has written when it comes to short stories!