Stationary Bike

Posted: May 31, 2006

Ron McLarty. What can I say? The man in a genius when it comes to narrating books. His voice is made for narrating books.

I have listen to him narrate both Salemís Lot, parts of Faithful and now also Stationary Bike and as I said, his voice is made for narrating books. Itís dark but still very smooth to listen to. A joy for the ear!

Stationary Bike is about Richard Sifkitz who is told by his doctor that his cholesterol is way to high and that he has to start exercise if he wants to stay alive. To make Sifkitz understand, the doctor paints him an image of having a work crew inside of him that takes care of all the junk he eats. At this point the crew is very tired and to hard driven.

The problem is that Sifkitz, being an illustrator with very vivid imagination, takes this very seriously. He starts exercise (where is the problem with that I hear you askÖ) and he even draws a painting with the crew and starts giving the four men in the crew names and backgrounds. They become very real to him, maybe too realÖ

To get his exercise he sets up a stationary bike in the basement and as times passes he goes from overweight to being in the best shape he has ever been inÖ BUT what happen to the work crew when they arenít needed any more? What happens if they are laid of and donít get their pay checks any more? What happens if they take matters into their own hands?

Stationary Bike is on two CDs and about 1Ĺ hour so itís a fast listen but non the less a very pleasant listen. Itís a very good story with an unexpected ending that hasnít until now been released as a King book. It has earlier only been published in the anthology Borderlands 5, here you have it with Kingís name on the cover.

Lilja's final words about Stationary Bike

So, when this CD is released on June 6 make sure you get a copy ASAPÖand until then, check out this clip.

Oh, and Simon & Schuster Audio, please let Ron narrate more books for you!

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