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Official Stephen King pages

The official Stephen King web presence

Stephen King's radio station WKIT

Stephen King's radio station WZON


The Haven Foundation

The Barking Foundation

The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation

Official book pages

Black House (UK)

Black House (US)

Marvel (The Dark Tower comic)

Publisher's pages

Simon & Schuster

Hodder & Stoughton

Donald M. Grant

Harper Collins

Random House

Bra Böcker (Sweden)

Proszynski i S-ka SA (Poland)

Illustrators pages

Michael Whelan

Rick Berry and Darrel Anderson

Mark Geyer

Official movie pages

The Dead Zone

UnOfficial FanClub/Messageboards pages



Stephen King Collectors

Bev Vincent's message board

Scribner's message board


Stephen King - Bookstores pages

Betts Bookstore

Overlook Connection

Bad Moon Books

Camelot Books

Hutch's Rare Books & Things

UnOfficial Fan pages

Carnel House

Stephen King news in France

Fire Wire

Talk Stephen King

The Complete Stephen King News & Information Site

Quill Spirit & Creativity

The Collector

The Dark

The Stephen King Research Project