Bored Out Of Your Mind?

Posted: April 27, 2020, 15:26
Bored out of your mind with all this lockdown and Corona virus? Well, here is something for you to do.

As you might have seen I have created one page for each King book since Mr Mercedes where you can post photos of yourself with the book. I got a lot of photos from the early titles but now it’s been a bit slow.

But guess what! Now you have no excuse not sending a photo. Being in lockdown with nothing to do and not being able to go out. So, start taking photos and send to me (it will only take a minute). I want those photos to and you can use any edition of the book you want!

See the photos here:
Mr Mercedes
Finders Keepers
The Bazaar of Bad Dreams
End of Watch
Charlie the Choo-Choo
Gwendy's Button Box
Sleeping Beauties
Shining in the Dark
The Outsider
The Institute
If it Bleeds