Send Photos Of You And Shining In The Dark

Posted: May 4, 2018, 20:13:53

Shining in the Dark is being released all over and you know what that meansÖ

I want to put together a page with photos of you all and your copy of Shining in the Dark. All you need to do is send me a photo (this should open an email but if it doesnít, send the photo to info[a] of yourself and the book (any edition or language) and Iíll post them here. If you donít want to send it by email you can also post it on the facebook page and Iíll grab it there. I would also like to ask you to include your name and country so that I can list that with the photo. You can see what it will look like at the Mr Mercedes page, the Revival page, the Finders Keepers page, Bazzar of Bad Dreams page, End of Watch page, Charlie the Choo Choo page, Gwendyís Button Box page or the Sleeping Beauties page.

Check out all the Shining in the Dark photos here.

Let's get those photos collected! Some of you are even on all pages, GOOD WORK!

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