23 Years Ago Today…

Posted: June 19, 2022, 10:50:05

23 years ago today King survived a horrible accident that almost killed him. In this interview he and Tabitha talks about it.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’re all grateful that he survived that day!

DVD/Blu-ray Release Of Firestarter

Posted: June 9, 2022, 08:48:44
Section: Film » Firestarter

The remake of Firestarterwill get a digital release on June 12th and a DVD and Blu-ray release on June 28th. Here is a list of the bonus features, including a new ending.

Bonus features include an alternate ending exclusive to the new Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD release. Deleted and extended scenes, as well as a gag reel will also be included. “Kinetic Energy”, a feature in which film stars Zac Efron and Ryan Kiera Armstrong discuss how they worked with the film’s director to bring the story to life, will be part of the package as well as “Spark of Fire”, a feature that explores how the film was adapted from the 1980 novel. “Igniting Firestarter” – a behind-the-scenes look at all the fire-based stunts, “Power Struggle” – a behind-the-scenes exploration of the stunts performed in the film, and a feature commentary from the film’s director, Keith Thomas, will also be part of the included bonus features.

Will you get a copy? The new ending can’t possible be worse than the original.

The Boogeyman Has Finished Shooting

Posted: June 8, 2022, 08:57:54
Section: Film » The Boogeyman

Director Rob Savage gives an update on The Boogeyman. The movie will air on Hulu but no premier date has been released yet.

“We’ve finished shooting, and we’re in the edit, and it’s all going very well. And I’m really, incredibly pleased with how this movie has come together. And I’m so in awe of the cast that we’ve that we’ve pulled together. So I feel like, even if it turns out that I’ve totally f*cked up my part of it, I feel like everyone else in this movie is so incredibly talented, that it’s still going to come together to be something special. And yeah, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, it’ll rank pretty high up the list of Stephen King adaptations. Knock on wood, but I think we’ve got something really, really great in the can. But that’s that’s where we are right now.”

King Signs For Fudraiser

Posted: June 3, 2022, 18:56:50

The Hoffman Breast Center at Mount Auburn Hospital is pleased to announce that its much-loved annual fundraising event will take place virtually on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST.

King will attend and and tickets are $150 or $500 for a VIP ticket that also give you a signed book (the signature will be on a book plate and not in the book itself) from each attending author.

The books that will be signed are:

Violeta, by Isabel Allende
Cloud Cuckoo Land, by Anthony Doerr
Billy Summers, by Stephen King
The Foundling, by Ann Leary
Chances Are… , by Richard Russo
The Good Left Undone, by Adriana Trigiani

More info and tickets can be found here

New Interview With King

Posted: May 27, 2022, 21:22:58
Sections: Film » Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, Book » Rattlesnake

Here is a new interview with King. He talks about a lot of stuff but the highlights are these.

In passing King mentioned that he has written a new novella called Rattlesnake that’s actually a sequel to Cujo.

“I just wrote a long story called Rattlesnakes. And it involves, at one part, twins who are only four years old… falling into a rattlesnake pit. And the snakes get ’em. It’s a terrible scene.”

Unfortunately the interviewers didn’t follow up on this so we don’t really got to know how it’s connected to Cujo.

It also seams that Mr Harrigan’s Phone is done. King mentions that he’ll see it later the same day they did the interview.

He also talks about Fairy Tale and admits that the new Firestarter movie wasn’t all that good.