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The Dead Zone on DVD

Posted: December 22, 2003.

King's official site reports today that King now is home continuing to recuperate from his recent bout with pneumonia. He's happy to be home for the holidays and thanks all his fans for their concern and well wishes for his recovery.

Season 2 of The Dead Zone will be released on DVD March 16, 2004. It will be a 5 DVD box and it will contain the following extra material (all still subject to changes...).

* Production Commentary for all 19 episodes
* The Making of an Episode
* Cast & Crew Interviews
* Never-before-seen interviews with directors and guest stars
* Deleted Scenes
* Storyboards
Thanks to Terry Warrick.

King is home from the hospital

Posted: December 19, 2003.

King is home from the hospital after 25 days.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Storylines from two of the upcoming episodes of The Dead Zone is now out.
Thanks to Needful Things.

Thy Kingdom Come

Posted: December 18, 2003.

The first episode of Kingdom Hospital will have the title Thy Kingdom Come. Here is a short description of how it all begins...

Here are the first two pictures from Secret Window, Secret Garden.

The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon

Posted: December 16, 2003.

I just got confirmation from Little Simon today that their pop-up edition of The Girl who loved Tom Gordon tentative release date set for fall 2004.

Things are really heating up now that the shooting of season 3 of The Dead Zone has started.


Posted: December 15, 2003.

ABC has picked up a three-hour adaptation of King's Desperation.

Two of the Season 3 episodes for The Dead Zone have now gotten tentative titles.

I have found two more Dollar Babies that was unknown (at least to me) up until last week. The first one is a Spanish version of Sorry, Right Number called Llamadas and the other is Nick Mariani's version of The Man in the Black Suit.

Color cover for Song of Susannah

Posted: December 12, 2003.

Here is a first look at the color cover for Song of Susannah. This is the audio edition and you can click on it to get a better look.

The first teaser trailer for Kingdom Hospital aired on ABC on Dec. 10.

Joe Harris talks about Children of the Corn 8.

Matt Frewer replaces George Romero in Riding the Bullet.

King's condition

Posted: December 10, 2003.

Here is the latest news from Bangor Daily News about King's condition.
Thanks to John Hanic.

I have also added my reviews for the audio edition of Wolves of the Calla and The complete guide to Stephen King.

King's speech

Posted: December 5, 2003.

Now you can read a transcript of King's speech at The National Book Foundation medal and Walter Mosley's introduction of King online.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Whelan finishes illustrations to The Dark Tower

Posted: December 4, 2003.

Here is the cover of the paperback edition of Wolves of the Calla and the hardback of Song of Susannah. You can also check out a short description of Song of Susannah.

Both the first and last episode of Kingdom Hospital will be two-hours episodes.

Here is today's update about King's recovery from Bangor Daily News.
Thanks to John Hanic.

Last month, Michael Whelan finished the illustrations on the last book in The Dark Tower series.

The site has now launched and it has quite a lot of short films for you to download.

Red Dragon Tattoo

Posted: December 3, 2003.

The Fountains of Wayne will have their song Red Dragon Tattoo in the first two-hour episode of Kingdom Hospital. received the Macromedia Site of the Day Award!
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Here is the latest info about King's health.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Kingdom Hospital

Posted: December 2, 2003.

A preview of Kingdom Hospital from Extra appeared on line today.

Here is an update about King's condition from Bangor Daily News.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

The Pop of King: Don't Go to Sleep

Posted: December 1, 2003.

You can now see a clip from when King accept his medallion at the National Book Awards Ceremonies on his official site.

While you are out there checking out these videos you can also check out the latest Dollar Baby; Night Surf online.

King's latest column in Entertainment Weekly is now at subscribers. This one is called The Pop of King: Don't Go to Sleep.

Stephen King hospitalized

Posted: November 26, 2003.

Stephen Hospitalized
Press Release
Contact:Warren Silver, Esq. at 207-947-0178

Stephen King was hospitalized on Sunday, November 23, 2003 at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine. He was diagnosed with pneumonia in the right lung before a recent trip to New York City and an appearance at the National Book Awards Ceremonies, where he received a medal for his contributions to American literature. His condition worsened on his return to Bangor and the pneumonia spread to the other lung. He was diagnosed with pleural effusion and underwent drainage procedures to remove fluid from the lung. Since fluid remained in the lung, he underwent a thoracotomy on Tuesday, November 25, 2003. This procedure, performed by a thoracic surgeon, succeeded in removing fluid and scar tissue from the right lung. Stephen is likely to remain hospitalized for several days. He is conscious and in good spirits, and happy to be able to breathe deeply again. He is expected to achieve a full recovery, has requested no visitors aside from family, and no flowers. Stephen and his family ask only for good wishes and prayers, and that at this time, when we celebrate the bounty of our country, that we remember those who are in need.
Source King's official site.

In other news:

It has now been confirmed from King's office that he is no longer accepting items through the mail for autograph.

Check out my review of Hollywood's Stephen King.


Posted: November 25, 2003.

King's story, Nona will be reprinted in a limited edition tribute to Charles L. Grant. The book, Quietly Now: A Tribute to Charles L. Grant will be edited by Kealan Patrick Burke and published by Borderlands Press in two states, a signed/limited (500 copies, $40.00), signed by ALL contributors and a lettered edition (52 leather bound/trycased copies, $500.00) signed by ALL contributors. It will be out in April 2004.

The book will feature original stories by F. Paul Wilson, Bentley Little, Al Sarrantonio, David B. Silva, and many others as well as reprints by King, Gary Braunbeck and Charles Grant. The book will also features appreciations by Joe. R. Lansdale, Thomas F. Montelone, Peter Straub, Douglas E. Winter and more. You can order it at
Thanks to Jonathan Reitan and Brent Phillips.

According to Donald M. Grant's website, the Artist's Edition of Wolves of the Calla is officially out of print.
Thanks to John Hanic.

An interview with Bev Vincent, the author of The Road to The Dark Tower is now online.

George Guidall narrator The Dark Tower 6

Posted: November 24, 2003.

Recently I spoke to George Guidall, the narrator of The Gunslinger, Wolves of the Calla and the upcoming Song of Susannah and The Dark Tower. He told me about how a book is transferred from the written to the spoken word. Check out the entire interview.

All the winners in Lilja's Library Wolves of the Calla contest have now been notified.

Contest closed

Posted: November 23, 2003.

The Wolves of the Calla contest have now ended and the winners will be drawn during the day. If you are one of the lucky winners you will receive an e-mail telling you what price you have won before the end of tomorrow.

Here are the answers and some comments to each of them:

Question 1: Before The Dark Tower V got the title Wolves of the Calla it had another title. What was it?

Many of you answered Song of Susannah (which is the title of the 6th book) and I agree that this was reported on King's official site for a short while (I think it was a few hours) but this was nothing but a mistake from their side.

Many of you also answered Thunderclap. This was never the title of the book, only a rumor on the Internet that became some sort of "truth". It was however never the books title.

The right answer (as many of you know) was The Crawling Shadow.

Question 2: Who has done the illustrations for Wolves of the Calla?

Many answered Rick Barry, which is wrong. Rick illustrated the new editions of The Talisman & Black House. The reason so many of you gave me that answer was that someone posted the "right" answers to the contest on a site called Online Sweepstakes. Unfortunately that person had posted the wrong "right" answers. That proves that the easy way isn't always the best one…

The right answer is Bernie Wrightson.

Question 3: What year did Lilja's Library first appear online?

Here I also gave you the clue to look at the copyrighting on the site. There you will find ©Lilja 1996 - 2004. Unfortunately many of you looked at the date for when the counter was put on the site, which was March 15:th, 1999 and gave the answer 1999. The right answer was 1996.

So, to have a chance to get one of the prizes you should have given the following three answers:

Answer 1: The Crawling Shadow.
Answer 2: Bernie Wrightson.
Answer 3: 1996.

National Book Foundation's award

Posted: November 21, 2003.

King's latest column is now out. It's in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and is titled The Pop of King: Do Movies Matter? (Part 2).
Thanks to Paul Poroshin.

National Book Foundation's lifetime achievement

Posted: November 20, 2003.

Yesterday King accepted his National Book Foundation's lifetime achievement award and now it's set that the awards ceremony will broadcast on Book TV on CSPAN 2. It will air on November 23 at 9:00 PM (check your local listings).

Thanks toNeedful Things.

Listen to King online

Posted: November 19, 2003.

Here's an article from yesterday's Bangor Daily News regarding a Stephen King stalker.
Thanks to John Hanic and Rocky Wood.

You can now listen to an interview King did with Susan Stamberg for the Morning Edition online.
Thanks to Brian Freeman

Here is a review of the script for Riding the Bullet.

Don't forget that King will receive National Book Award's annual medal for distinguished contribution to American letters tonight. I'll report about it as soon as I get any info.

Silver Bullet 2 and Pet Sematary 3

Posted: November 18, 2003.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that Silver Bullet 2 and Pet Sematary 3 soon is in the making. Here is what their source reports. And please not that they say it may just be a rumor and not true info...

"There are plans to make a Silver Bullet 2 with Stephen King as a consultant but he will have nothing to do with the writing dutie's the story will revolve around Corey Haims character all growing up in the same small town as the original with some new cast. The details have yet to be worked out but it looks like that might happen. But for the big news that I know every one will love to finally hear, Pet Sematary 3 is a go were going to be going on a script that was written back in 93 when plans for Pet Sematary 3 was shelved. Like part 2 Pet Sematary 3 will have nothing to do with the one before, Mary Lambert is in talks to direct this but we are looking into other directors in case she passes. Filming plans to start in April for a sometime later fall release. Please get the word out the more anticipation will help this film in the long run I don't want to see this film killed before it starts again same for Silver Bullet 2."

Personally I have a hard time believing that King would agree to be a consultant for Silver Bullet 2. King in known for his dislike of sequels. I put my money on that this is just an Internet rumor.

In true news. Bev Vincent was recently interviewed in a web magazine called Linear Reflections about his writing.

Posted: November 17, 2003.

According to a report from AP, Kingdom Hospital will not be debuting until March 3rd.

The Road to the Dark Tower

Posted: November 14, 2003.

Bev Vincent, author of The Road to the Dark Tower will be guest author for a Biting Dog Press Chat, Saturday November 22nd at 9pm eastern time. Bev will be answering questions about his book. The address is

Trade paperback of Wolves of the Calla

Posted: November 13, 2003.

There is an article/ interview with Stephen King in the new issue of Pages (Nov./Dec.) with Amy Tan on the cover, and the new issue of Entertainment Weekly has a new King column as well (this has Julia Roberts, Kirstin Dunst, etc. on the cover).
Thanks to James for this info.

The US trade paperback edition of Wolves of the Calla will be released in June 2004.

The Talisman begins production next year for a 2005 release.

Riding the Bullet is in production between Nov. 11 and Dec. 19.

'Salem's Lot

Posted: November 12, 2003.

Here is the cover of the audio edition of 'Salem's Lot that will be released in January 2004. As you can see on the cover King will read an introduction to the book.

The Talisman

Posted: November 11, 2003.

Fangoria reports that Vadim Perelman hopes to start shooting The Talisman in the summer of 2004.

The UK trade paperback of Wolves of the Calla will be out on June 7, 2004.

I have added a A..Z index to all the news pages. You can now find all the pages (that you now find under the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and ? links) in alphabetical order. I believe that it sometimes can be easier to find an item by its title then it's release year.

The Pop of King: Do Movies Matter?

Posted: November 10, 2003.

The publishers of The Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King are proud to announce the release of a Fully Revised, Second Edition of this major King reference work. Check out the press release.

There have been some changes in the casting for Riding the Bullet.

A little error appeared in the November 7 news. The title of King's 6th column is The Pop of King: Do Movies Matter? (Part 1) and nothing else. Sorry about that!

Rest Stop

Posted: November 7, 2003.

Here is the cover of the December issue of Esquire with King's new story, Rest Stop. The story is 8 pages long.
Thanks to Terry Warrick.

Dimension has bought the film rights to 1408.

A new column by King is out in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and it's called The Pop of King: No Pain, No Fame. It's part 1 of a 2-part column. Part two will be in issue #739 (Nov. 28). The Pop of King will run in #740, and then resume in every third issue.

Rest Stop

Posted: November 6, 2003.

Here are some images from King's appearance at the JBFC.
Thanks to Heather E. Harris & Doug Roemer who took these pictures.

The December issue of Esquire is out and it contains King's new story, Rest Stop. It's supposed to be a grim little tale of domestic violence and crises of conscience.
Thanks to Terry Warrick and Bev Vincent.

Riding the Bullet

Posted: November 5, 2003.

Two articles about Riding the Bullet are now online.

Scribner has done a Wolves of the Calla screensaver that you can download now.

Dark Tower spoilers

Posted: November 4, 2003.

I got a mail from Tom Kemock yesterday and he told me that he spoke with the good people over at Borderlands Press today and they informed him that they are expecting their shipment of Borderlands 5 back from the printers any day now, and they hope to have every copy out in the mail by November 14.
Thanks to Tom Kemock.

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal (November 3, 2003) has an article on the front page of the second section regarding the efforts required to have rival publishers combine their efforts to issue the Dark Tower saga. The article, The Bookslinger, details the cooperation by Viking (Penguin) who this summer reissued the first four books in hardcover, Plume, who issued the trade paperbacks, and Signet, who issued the paperbacks, and Donald M. Grant and Viacom's Scribner imprint, who are issuing the last three.

The article, in a sidebar, gives a synopsis of all seven books. Here are the onces for part 5 - 7:

******************DTV, DTVI and DTVII SPOILERS******************

Wolves of the Calla (2003) Roland and his friends visit a place where families face the loss of some of their children every 20 years or so.

Song of Susannah (2004) Susannah Dean, one of Roland's companions, is taken over by a demon and the pair are then transported back to New York City in the summer of 1999.

The Dark Tower (2004) The conclusion of Roland's quest and the fates of his friends.

************************END OF SPOILERS***********************

Also notable is the statement that Scribner is printing 660,000 copies of Wolves of the Calla, "a modest number for a Stephen King book but still a huge amount by publishing standards."
Thanks to John Hanic and Bev Vincent.

Wolves of the Calla is out. Order your copy here:

The US hardback.
The UK hardback.
The US audio (CD).
The US audio (Cassette).

King will host the second installment of the nationally syndicated Lost Highway Radio Show, featuring American Recordings/Lost Highway recording artist The Jayhawks. The Jayhawks' 60-minute Lost Highway Radio Show is scheduled to air in late-November during the Thanksgiving holiday.
Thanks to Bob Ireland.

King on CNN on Halloween

Posted: November 3, 2003.

Tomorrow is the big release day for Wolves of the Calla but if you want to check out my review of it today.

A new Needful King's online column by Tyson Blue is also online. This one is called The Wolves Are At The Door…

Now you can check out King as a virtual host on his official site.

The Guide to the Unpublished Stephen King

Posted: November 2, 2003.

Here is a press release that I received:

Rocky Wood, David Rawsthorne and Norma Blackburn have been contracted by Cemetery Dance Publications to write a book titled, The Guide to the Unpublished Stephen King. The book will cover each of King’s unpublished works in greater detail than even that in their The Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King and will be published both in Limited and Mass Market Editions. Knowing the quality of books published by Cemetery Dance the authors are very proud to be associated with such a superb publisher. Likely publication date is Summer 2004.

Contest closed

Posted: November 1, 2003.

I'm proud to announce that you now have the chance to win a signed copy of Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King at Lilja's Library. All you have to do is answer three questions and be the lucky one that gets his/hers name drawn.

But even if you don't win the signed copy there are still 25 prices that you can be the lucky winner of.

For the 25 runners up I have the following.

- 10 copies of the US hardback edition of Wolves of the Calla from Scribner.
- 10 copies of the CD audio edition of Wolves of the Calla from Simon & Schuster Audio.
- 5 copies of the UK ARC of Wolves of the Calla from Hodder & Stoughton.

Not bad, right? So head over to Lilja's Library and answer those questions. You have 3 weeks to do it!

The Girl who loved Tom Gordon

Posted: October 30, 2003.

Here is a scan of Grant's edition of Wolves of the Calla. It's truly a beautiful book.

Yesterday I confirmed that George Guidall would read the audio edition of Song of Susannah. Well, today I'm happy to be able to tell you that he will also be reading The Dark Tower.

It seams that George Romero hasn't given up on doing a movie version of The Girl who loved Tom Gordon.

I just found out today that there actually is a double DVD out there with the complete series (all 7 episodes) of King's first TV series, Golden Years. It's region 2 but if you can watch that I recommend you to order it here.
Thanks to De Stephen King Fanclub Nederland.

George Guidall will read The Dark Tower 6

Posted: October 29, 2003.

Today I got confirmation from Simon & Schuster Audio that George Guidall will read the audio edition of Song of Susannah. He also read the new edition of The Gunslinger and Wolves of the Calla.

Don't forget that Borderlands 5 is out next month. The limited and lettered leatherbound editions are already sold out but you can still get the trade edition. It's $35.00.

King on Good Morning America

Posted: October 28, 2003.

Susan O'Brien, the webmaster at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY where Stephen King will be appearing with Janet Maslin this Thursday evening to screen Cujo and discuss his favorite scary films. She told me something they've just confirmed today:
At the event this Thursday evening at 7:00, ticketholders will receive a pre-release hardcover edition of Wolves of the Calla (Dark Tower, Book 5) signed by Stephen King! We're delighted to confirm that, following the screening and discussion with Mr. King this Thursday Oct. 30, every ticketholder will receive a copy of the book a full week before its release date November 4th, signed by Stephen King himself.

There are a few tickets left that can be ordered online at $90 (JBFC members); $110 (nonmembers). The book is included with the cost of the ticket.

According to King's office he will be on Good Morning America on November 3rd. Check local listings for times.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Here is an article about Richard Dooling who King wrote Kingdom Hospital with.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

The Devil's Wine

Posted: October 27, 2003.

The editor of the upcoming poetry anthology The Devil's Wine, Tom Piccirilli, gives an update on it's release date on his website

"Also, just received word that while THE DEVIL'S WINE is at the printers, the book won't be back and available until late November".
Thanks to Jonathan Reitan.

I Know What You Need

Posted: October 26, 2003.

See some of the buildings they use in Kingdom Hospital live.

Things are moving ahead on the latest Dollar Baby, I Know What You Need.

See Stephen King as a Virtual Host

Posted: October 25, 2003.

On November 1 you will be able to see Stephen King as a Virtual Host on his official site courtesy of Oddcast. I'm not sure what this means but it sounds interesting...

The creators of The Dead Zone is looking for an actress to play the character Rebecca Sanders who will be introduced in third season of the series.

Program for Halloween week at Jacob Burns Film Center

Posted: October 24, 2003.

King have program Halloween week at Jacob Burns Film Center. Here is a not from their site:

When Stephen King came to the JBFC last year and offered to program Halloween week, we jumped at the opportunity. We've waited all year for him to reveal his picks…and here they are.

*Cujo *Special Screening w/ Mr. King Oct. 30 at 7:00
The [Original!] Texas Chainsaw Massacre Oct. 24, 25, 27-29
Night of the Living Dead Oct. 26 & 29
The Snake Pit Oct. 27
The Last Man on Earth Oct. 27 & 28
The Changeling Oct. 28 & 29
After Cujo King will discuss horror movies with JBFC board member and New York Times critic Janet Maslin.

Filming for Season 3 of The Dead Zone is scheduled to begin on 12/1/03.

The release date for Secret Windom, Secret Garden has been moved to April 23, 2004.

Photos from Secret Window, Secret Garden

Posted: October 23, 2003.

There are now several photos from the set of Secret Window, Secret Garden and it's actors Johnny Depp and Timothy Hutton online.

No Pain, No Fame

Posted: October 22, 2003.

Here is a scan of Grant's edition of Wolves of the Calla. As you can see it's a bit different then Scribner's.

King's fifth column is now out. It's called No Pain, No Fame.
Thanks to Paul Poroshin for this info.

Today I got the release dated for the paperback editions of the three last Dark Tower books from the publisher:

The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla:
June 2004

The Dark Tower VI: The Song of Susannah:
February 2005

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower:
June 2005

Mick Garris talks about Riding the Bullet in an interview with Creature Corner.

I have taken a look at the original pilot of The Dead Zone and you can see what I think about it in my review.

October 17, 2003

Posted: December 11, 2000. has a short but revealing review of Wolves of the Calla.

Black House

Posted: October 16, 2003.

Here are some scans of Grant's box set of The Talisman and Black House.

The Talisman (front) The Talisman (back) Flyer from Grant
Black House (front) Black House (back) Box (Spine) The Talisman & Black House (Spine)
Thanks to Terry Warrick for sending the scans.

ABC reports Stephen King's plan to give writing tips to Maine middle school students is on hold. The best-selling writer is too busy right now to offer lessons via laptops computers. His personal assistant, Marsha DeFilippo, says that means the plan is on hold for now.

The laptop program has put computers in the hands of all 36,000 seventh- and eighth-graders in Maine.

Last November, King toured a middle school in Freeport and told seventh-graders that he'd like to set up an interactive, Internet-based system through which he could teach writing. King isn't abandoning the idea, but DeFilippo told the Sun Journal of Lewiston that it'll be at least a year before it happens.
Thanks to Really Scary.

Rest Stop

Posted: October 15, 2003.

A new short story by King entitled Rest Stop will appear in the next issue of Esquire Magazine, on newsstands in November.

Finally there is a new column by Tyson Blue online. This one is the longest he has done for Lilja's Library and it's called Things to Do While You Wait for the Wolves….

Steven Spielberg is gearing up to make The Talisman after all.

You can also check out my review of the DVD edition of The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer.

Dust jacket for Wolves of the Calla

Posted: October 14, 2003.

Here is the full dust jacket for both the US and UK edition of Wolves of the Calla. I got both books today and I must say that the illustrations are really nice. I think you all will enjoy them.

There is also an excerpt from the audio edition of Wolves of the Calla available online.

In other news: There is now a script review online for Secret Window, Secret Garden, BBC in the UK has bought the rights to Kingdom Hospital and the DVD edition of The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer is released today. I will have a review of it online soon!

If you want to order Wolves of the Calla or The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer you can do it on the following links:

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
Wolves of the Calla (UK)
Wolves of the Calla (US)
Wolves of the Calla (audio CD)
Wolves of the Calla (audio cassette)

Riding the Bullet

Posted: October 10, 2003.

The cast for Riding the Bullet has now been announced.

The release date for Secret Window, Secret Garden has been set.

Two more entry's in the Dark Tower contest is now online over at Scribner.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Now you can read my review of Stephen King's The Dark Tower Concordance vol.1.

Stationary Bicycle

Posted: October 9, 2003.

Here is the cover for Borderlands 5 that contains King's story Stationary Bicycle.

L.T's Theory of Pets has been turned into a stage adaptation. It's part of something called Dos Dark Delights. You can read a review of it or check out the press release.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Pre-order Song of Susannah

Posted: October 7, 2003.

Now you can pre-order the audio editions of Song of Susannah from

Simon & Schuster Audio will release 'Salem's Lot on audiocassette and CD in January 2004. It will be read by Ron McLarty whose book The Memory of Running King praised in his column in Entertainment Weekly.

King has been nominated for a 2003 British Fantasy Society award under the Best Collection category for his collection, Everything's Eventual. The awards will be presented during FantasyCon 2003, November 21-23, 2003, in Stafford, England. King has won a total of 5 British Fantasy Society awards in the past.
Thanks to Jonathan Reitan for this.


Posted: October 6, 2003.

The time for the latest contest here at Lilja's Library is now up. This time you had the chance to win a hardback copy of the book Stephen King's The Dark Tower Concordance by Robin Furth, which 10 of you did. The books will arrive in the mail shortly.

And the right answer to In several of King's books there is a villain that have the same initials as Stephen King's The Dark Tower Concordance's author. What is that persons name? was off course Randall Flagg which most of you answered.

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