NEWS 2002

Stephen & Amy go rapping

Posted: December 28, 2002.

Stephen & Amy go rapping.

The Tale of Gray Dick

Posted: December 17, 2002.

King's story in the issue of McSweeny's will be called The Tale of Gray Dick and it will also be released in a paperback edition called McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales in March 2003.

It is new

Posted: December 16, 2002.

It has now been confirmed by Michael Chabon, who is guest editing the issue, that the issue of McSweeny's will contain all new material.

Lighthouse Magazine

Posted: December 4, 2002.

In issue one of Lighthouse Magazine they will be giving away two books about King. The titles are The Lost work of Stephen King (Limited Edition by - Stephen J. Spignesi) and A very rare advance proof of Horror Plum'd: An international Bibliography and Readers Guide (by Michael R. Collings). Both books are supplied by The Overlook Connection.

New short story

Posted: November 26, 2002.

As far as I have found out the issue of McSweeny's contains "all original material". In other words, everything indicates that King's story will be a new story, or rather a new ghost tale. No title yet though...

New short story

Posted: November 25, 2002.

McSweeney's magazine> is going to have a story by King in its 10th issue. It hasn't been confirmed whether this is something new or not though but I hope for something new. In an interview for Washington Post Glen David Gold said the following:

For people who are waiting for another piece of work, I've got a story in the upcoming McSweeney's. Michael Chabon is editing an all genre issue. So I thought I'd write a ghost story, then Michael said that was great, and here's a list of other people contributing and it was "Stephen King -- Ghost Story." I wrote a serial kiHi As far as I have found out the issue of McSweeny's contains "all original material". In other words, everything indicates that King's story will be a new story, or rather a new ghost tale. No title yet though... More news to come so stay tuned! ller elephant story..

The issue should be out for subscribers in January and in some bookstores in February. Other authors futured are; Nick Hornby, Michael Crichton, Neil Gaiman, Elmore Leonard, Harlan Ellison, Dan Chaon, Dave Eggers, Sherman Alexie, Aimee Bender, Rick Moody, Jim Shepard, and others

Cujo 2

Posted: October 15, 2002.

Dark Horizons reports that Cujo 2 (a direct to video release with Dee Wallace & Gary Busey) is rumored to be hitting video in late 2003.

The Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King

Posted: October 14, 2002.

A new CD-book that contains everything you want to know about King's stories will be released in 2003. The title is The Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King.

Radio interview with King

Posted: October 10, 2002.

Here is an interview with King from Mitch Albom radio show. Part 1 and Part 2.

Night Surf

Posted: October 10, 2002.

Here is the official site for the latest Dollar Baby, Night Surf.

King in Pleasantville

Posted: October 3, 2002.

Here is an article about King's appearance in Pleasantville.

King met the fans

Posted: September 30, 2002.

Here is an article about how King met with 240 fans.

Susan Moldow comments on King's retirement

Posted: September 28, 2002.

In an article about King's retirement Susan Moldow, his publisher at Scribner, who is skeptical about King actually retiring commented the retirement with the following statement:
"That rumor is older than Methusaleh, and yet he keeps writing and publishing,” she said in a phone interview Monday. “I’ve heard him describe a novel that I know he wants to write, that isn’t a part of the ‘Dark Tower’ series and that doesn’t seem to duplicate anything he’s done before. And since he’s described it to me, it would be harsh and cruel for him to withhold it from me.”

King to retire?

Posted: September 23, 2002.

King talks about his retirement in Entertainment Weekly.

Night Surf

Posted: September 20, 2001.

Night Surf is making it's World Premiere at the SCREAMFEST Film Festival in Los Angeles on October 19th at the Laemmle Fairfax Theaters. Get more info here: Main festival site and Ticket info.

The Shining DVD

Posted: September 18, 2002.

Here is the cover for the upcoming DVD edition of The Shining. There is also some info on what the extra material will be.

New Yorker Festival

Posted: September 18, 2002.

Stephen King, Sam Shepard and Martin Scorsese are among the dozens of authors and other artists appearing this month at the third annual New Yorker Festival. The three-day event, which takes place throughout the city, runs Sept. 27-29.

Lilja on the radio

Posted: August 28, 2002.

Meridian Writing (on BBC radio) airs a special King-program this week. Joining Harriett Gilbert to answer why King's books are so loved are the writers Neil Gaiman and Muriel Gray, and a fan from Sweden who runs his own Stephen King website. Yes, your right, the Swede is I, Lilja.

Jacob Burns Film Center

Posted: August 22, 2002.

Stephen King will be appearing at Jacob Burns Film Center on Sept. 25, 7:30.

The Shining DVD

Posted: August 22, 2002.

The DVD edition of The Shining will contain 11 deleted scenes.


Posted: August 22, 2002.

Paranoid is leaving the Internet.

King signing

Posted: August 19, 2002.

King will be appearing at The Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, New York on Wednesday Sep. 25th. Tickets go on sale on the 20th, and are $20 each. He will be signing copies of From a Buick 8.

Kings honored

Posted: August 12, 2002.

Kings honored in opening ceremony.

New DVDs

Posted: August 11, 2002.

Cat's Eye release 10/1/02 English, French and Spanish subtitles, commentary by Lewis Teague, trailer

It release 10/1/02 English, French and Spanish subtitles, commentary by Tommy Lee Wallace, Richard Thomas, John Ritter, Tim Reid and Dennis Christopher

The Shining release 1/7/03 English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Bahasa, Thai and Korean subtitles, commentary by Stephen King, Steven Weber, Mick Garris, Cynthia Garris, Mark Carliner, Bill Corso, Boyd Shermis, Patrick McMahon and Shelly Johnson and additional/deleted scenes with optional director's commentary.

Night Flier 2

Posted: August 8, 2002.

Fangoria reports that there are plans for The Night Flier 2.
“There’s talk of NIGHT FLIER 2,” Pavia reveals. “I would write and direct again, with [original author] Stephen King giving his blessing on the story. Miguel Ferrer’s Richard Dees character won’t be in it, though I did toy with the idea of bringing Dees back as a TERMINATOR-style servant to [lead vampire] Dwight Renfield. Renfield and Katherine Blair [played by Julie Entwisle, now Pavia’s wife, in the original film] will be returning.”

Year of King

Posted: July 31, 2002.

Hodder & Stoughton is starting their marketing campaign called Year of King.

Tour dates

Posted: July 31, 2002.

The Rock Bottom Remainders has five tour dates scheduled.
November 22, 2002 - Scotty's Landing, Coconut Grove, FL
November 23, 2002 - Bayside Marketplace, Miami, FL
April 22, 2003 - Seattle, WA
April 24, 2003 - San Francisco, CA
April 25, 2003 - Los Angeles, CA (part of LA Book Festival)

2 new DVDs

Posted: July 15, 2002.

Here are the DVD covers for IT and Cat's Eye which will be released on Halloween 2002.
Thanks to Terry Warrick

Stephen and Tabitha King donates

Posted: July 10, 2002.

Stephen and Tabitha King are donating $1.1 million to the city to help residents cool down in a new pool that will be more than three times the size of the existing public pool.

The Monk

Posted: July 2, 2002.

King will do the introduction to Matthew Lewis The Monk.

Musical parody

Posted: July 1, 2002.

Carrie has been turned into a musical parody.

King #14

Posted: June 25, 2002.

Stephen King ended up at number 14 (after scaring up $52.4 million in earnings) on Forbes' list of the world's most powerful celebrities.

King and Ramones

Posted: June 25, 2002.

Rob Zombie, co producer of "We're a Happy Family," a tribute album for the Ramones, said that horror novelist/Ramones fan Stephen King has agreed to write the liner notes for the album, which will be released on September 17. Contributors to the album include: Eddie Vedder, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marilyn Manson, U2, Garbage and Kiss. Full story:

1st ed.

Posted: June 7, 2002.

Finally there is a guide for all of you out there that wants to know how to spot a 1st ed. of King's books. Bev Vincent has put together a great list and you can now find it on King's official site.

New DVD releases

Posted: June 7, 2002.

The info on King's official site that DVD versions of IT and Cat's Eye where to be released in May was a typo. They will be released on Halloween 2002.

The Shining finally released on DVD

Posted: June 6, 2002.

BIG NEWS!!! It has now been confirmed! King's miniseries version of The Shining is finally going to be released on DVD. King has done a commentary and the DVD will be through Warner Home Video. The DVD will also have interviews with Mick Garris, Steven Weber, and others. It is scheduled for either the end of this year or more likely early 2003. In May Warner will also release the DVD versions of IT and Cat's Eye.

The Rock Bottom Remainders

Posted: June 5, 2002.

Ridley Pearson reports in his latest newsletter that he and Dave Barry are busy planning the Remainders' April 2003 West Coast Tour (Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles) with America Scores.

Strawberry Spring

Posted: May 8, 2002.

As reported earlier the short film Strawberry Spring will be shown at the International Cinematographers Guild 6th Annual Film Showcase. Screenings will take place in Loa Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas and at the Cannes International Film Festival. You can read my review of the movie here and see productions stills here.

King and Day of the Dead

Posted: April 19, 2002.

Back when the movie Day of the Dead was made King was supposed to appear in it as a zombie.

King in The New Yorker

Posted: April 19, 2002.

King has a very short article in the April 22/29 issue of The New Yorker called Cone Head which reprises the tale he tells about his close encounter with some parking cones.

Strawberry Spring

Posted: April 11, 2002.

Strawberry Spring will be shown at Canes film festival later this year.

Strawberry Spring

Posted: April 8, 2002.

The International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) has named the finalists in its Sixth Annual Film Showcase competition. Among them was Dave Rutherford for Strawberry Spring. The nine films will premiere on Sunday, May 5, at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) in Los Angeles.

King joins "The Remainders"

Posted: March 31, 2002.

King will join The Rock Bottom Remainders on stage on May 4th.

The Dead Zone on DVD

Posted: March 31, 2002.

The Dead Zone will be released on DVD in the UK. It will feature a chunky booklet with a reproduced version of several pages of the original script (unused opening to the film which was Johnny's accident as a boy) and extensive liner notes. It also features the uncut version of Frank Dodd's suicide, theatrical trailer and commentary by Kim Newman and Stephen Jones. It is also presented in anemographic widescreen.

10 Questions with Stephen King online

Posted: March 27, 2002.

The interview with King (10 Questions with Stephen King) (from the April 1st issue of Time) is now available online.

10 Questions with Stephen King

Posted: March 26, 2002.

An interview with King (10 Questions with Stephen King) is in the April 1st issue of Time.

Celebrity Deathmatch

Posted: March 17, 2002.

On Thursday the 14th MTV aired episode 66 of their show Celebrity Deathmatch and in one of the three matches that took place in that episode King fought Harry Potter's creator JK Rowling.

Some time in to the fight Rowling, after casting spells and flying around on her broomstick for a few minutes, killed King with a huge lightning bolt. King's injured leg came back to life though and finished off Rowling. The winner was Stephen King's right leg. Here is a clip of a part of the match.


King comments on his retirement rumors

Posted: February 26, 2002.

King comments on his retirement rumors on the official site.
When asked on a recent episode of The View about his plans to retire, Stephen said that he has enough projects to keep him busy for the next 2 years and that he'll make a decision about retiring then. Don't worry, folks, finishing The Dark Tower books is first on the "to do list" during this next 2 years.
Posted: 25 February 2002

That hasn't happened yet. There are still books coming out through both Scribner and Pocket Books and plans to complete The Dark Tower series, so there will be new books for several more years to come.
(Information originally posted in 1997)

The Rock Bottom Remainders

Posted: February 12, 2002.

The Rock Bottom Remainders will appear at the Book Expo of America in NYC on May 4th. King will be appearing with the band onstage. For more info, check out Ridley Pearson's web site ( or the Book Expo web site (

Comments on King's retirement

Posted: January 31, 2002.

King's agent commented on King's upcoming retirement: "He's spoken about retiring many times in the past," Greene told The Associated Press Thursday. "In my own mind, I think it's unlikely he'll stop working." The article also said: A spokeswoman for King said the author had not yet read Sunday's article and would have no immediate comment.

Frank Muller benefit

Posted: January 29, 2002.

King will appear on The View on ABC this upcoming Friday (Feb. 1st) to promote the Frank Muller benefit.

King talks

Posted: January 27, 2002.

In an interview with Kim Murphy King talks about the next projects he has coming out: a book of short stories [Everything's Eventual], due in March. Then in the fall, the long-delayed novel From a Buick Eight, postponed because it involves a car accident and didn't seem appropriate before. The last three novels in the Dark Tower series, to be completed in the coming year. A limited series about a haunted hospital [The Kingdom] for ABC.

He also says that after that he's done writing books

Or, at least, publishing books. "You get to a point where you get to the edges of a room, and you can go back and go where you've been, and basically recycle stuff," he says. "I've seen it in my own work. People when they read 'Buick Eight' are going to think Christine. It's about a car that's not normal, OK? You say, 'I've said the things that I have to say, that are new and fresh and interesting to people.' Then you have a choice. You can either continue to go on, or say I left when I was still on top of my game. I left when I was still holding the ball, instead of it holding me.

Liner notes by King

Posted: January 12, 2002.

Elite Entertainment will be reissuing Night Of The Living Dead: Millennium Edition on DVD which will include new liner notes by Romero and Stephen King.

The Rock Bottom Remainders 10 years

Posted: January 8, 2002.

The Rock Bottom Remainders will celebrate their 10th year as a group at the Book Expo of America in New York on May 4th. For ticket information contact

Frank Muller injured

Posted: January 4, 2002.

On November 5, 2001, Frank Muller was in a very serious motorcycle accident near Los Angeles, California. He sustained multiple fractures, lacerations and abrasions, and went into cardiac arrest three times. He also suffered severe head trauma, which was subsequently diagnosed as Diffuse Axonal Injury.

The audio books community has responded to Frank with an outpouring of support for him and his family. As part of this support, Stephen King, John Grisham, Pat Conroy and Peter Straub will hold a benefit performance at 8:00 pm on Saturday, February 2, 2002, which will include live readings and reflections.