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King a character

Posted: December 21, 2001.

The Destroyer series is a well-written series that has been published for over 27 years. It contains insightful political satire and often lampoons well-known people. In the latest volume #125 The Wrong Stuff, Stephen King is featured as a major character and appears throughout the novel. The author is clearly very familiar with King, and his portrait of him is accurately drawn with details of King's life that betray the hand of a fan of his fiction.

Glowing introduction

Posted: December 21, 2001.

Tor has been republishing Richard Matheson for a number of years, bringing back into print such classics as Hell House, I Am Legend and The Incredible Shrinking Man. This month the company has collected 20 of his best short horror stories under the title Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.

The book boasts a glowing introduction by Stephen King, who states, "When people talk about the genre, I guess they mention my name first, but without Richard Matheson, I wouldn't be around. He is as much my father as Bessie Smith was Elvis Presley's mother."

Speed Queen

Posted: December 7, 2001.

Christina Ricci will star in and direct Speed Queen based on Stewart O'Nan's novel of the same name about a convicted murderer who tries to give her life story to a famous horror writer (Stephen King). O'Nan originally wanted to call his book Dear Stephen King but that didn't go over too well with all concerned.

Jay, Mick, Bernie and more

Posted: November 26, 2001.

On Saturday December 1st (2:00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.) director Jay Holben, director Mick Garris, artist Bernie Wrightson, actors Miguel Ferrer and Cynthis Garris and screenwriter Dennis Etchinson will be in Burbank, CA. with British author Stephen Jones who will sign copies of his latest book: The Illustrated Guide to Stephen King Movies. These are specially imported copies of the book currently only available overseas (they will be selling for $29.95).

To reserve copies or mail order your signed copies with a credit card contact: DARK DELICACIES, Books & Gifts for the Horror Lover, 4213 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505, 818-556-6660 / 888-darkdel,, e-mail: Thanks to Jay Holben.

King interview

Posted: November 2, 2001.

In this month's Yahoo Internet Life magazine there is an interview with King; Stephen King on the privacy issue, the art of making money on the Net, and why his novel The Plant withered online.

On Writing Contest

Posted: October 30, 2001.

Check out the 5 winners of King's On Writing Contest.

In the next Fangoria

Posted: October 30, 2001.

The December issue of Fangoria, on sale on Nov. 20th, will have features of the making of Rose Red and Firestarter: Rekindled.

The Rock Bottom Remainders canceled

Posted: October 27, 2001.

The Rock Bottom Remainders appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly has been canceled according to the official Ridley Pearson site.

King and Straub on TV

Posted: September 28, 2001.

King and Straub will promote Black House on TV>.

Stephen King Day

Posted: September 28, 2001.

October 3, 2001 will be Stephen King Day at the University of Maine. Several sources have just chimed in that King will be doing a reading that night around 7:30. The reading will be held at the Maine Center For The Arts on the Orono campus. Although it's free and open to the public, seating there is rather limited. If you want to attend what is sure to be a very cool event, you must call ahead for tickets. The phone number is 1-207-581-1755 (You might also try 1-800-622-8499 but this might be instate only) and I recommend you do that ASAP. King will not be signing anything, so don't bother dragging along your box of books. :)

New Carrie on DVD

Posted: September 24, 2001.

Read an article about the special edition of Carrie that is out on DVD now.

Lilja's Library goes WAP

Posted: September 23, 2001.

From today, Sep. 23, you can access Lilja's Library from your wap-phone. Obviously this is a limited version of the site, as of now it only contains news updates. This is an experiment though so I need you to check it out and then let me know what you think of it. Is it something that you need, something you want, what should it contain? Let me know!

The address you need to enter in your phone is:

Here is how the site looks in a phone:

Fangoria is out

Posted: September 23, 2001.

Fangoria #207 is out with Monster Invasion "Boogeymen" of the world, unite!; King & Straub's "Black House".

Another comment about the terror

Posted: September 21, 2001.

Here is another comment about the terror attack in the US from an article in The New York Times.

King writes about the terror

Posted: September 17, 2001.

King writes about the terror attack in the US in the article The Weapon.

Stephen and Tabitha donates

Posted: September 16, 2001.

Stephen and Tabitha donated money to the Red Cross with the help of the listeners of WKIT.

On Friday, WKIT which is part of Stephen King's The Zone Corporation, had a 'pay for play 'day. Listeners could hear their request for a minimum pledge of $10.00 to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The station took requests and pledges until 6 pm . The unofficial total was $70,230.00 from their listeners and this was matched by the Stephen And Tabitha King Foundation dollar for dollar. Approximately $140,460.00 will be sent to the Red Cross thanks to the listeners of WKIT and the King's.

King settles

Posted: September 4, 2001.

Donation to hospital settles author's suit with insurance company.

Read a message from Stephen & Tabitha

Posted: September 4, 2001.

Here is a message from Stephen & Tabitha that was posted on the S&S bulletin board.

Thanks to Bev Vincent for letting me know.

Stephen & tabitha king 49 Florida Avenue, Bangor, ME 04401

August 2001

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to join First Lady Mary Herman, Maine's Family Literacy Task Force, and the Verizon Foundation in welcoming your child to Kindergarten.

Reading with and to your children daily is the most important thing you can do to ensure your child is off to a good start in school. You know that we love to WRITE books; what you may not know is that we read to our children when they were growing up and now happily read to our grandchildren all the time. Lap time with your child, looking at and talking about the pictures, reading, re-reading, talking about the book, connecting the story to your life when possible, is crucial to getting your child started well in school.

Please, turn off the TV and make a promise to yourself that you will read the enclosed books, and others available at the library and bookstores, with your children often. You'll enjoy this special time and the rewards are lifelong!

Best wishes,

Stephen King Tabitha King

Next Fangoria

Posted: August 28, 2001.

In issue #207 (on sale September 18) of Fangoria there will be something called MONSTER INVASION "Boogeymen" of the world, unite!; King & Straub's "Black House". This is something about Black House.

New Carrie

Posted: August 14, 2001.

Check out a review of the new edition of Carrie and see some parts of the DVD online.

Interview with Mick Garris

Posted: July 27, 2001.

Read an interview with Mich Garris, who is about to turn The Talisman into a miniseries.


Posted: July 18, 2001.

The US cable network TNT is airing the Gramma (from 1986) episode of The New Twilight Zone.

The Rock Bottom Remainders

Posted: July 10, 2001.

The Rock Bottom Remainders will go on tour this fall.

On Writing

Posted: July 10, 2001.

On Writing won the 2001 Locus Award for Non-fiction.

The Essential Stephen King

Posted: July 9, 2001.

Stephen Spignesi is now releasing The Essential Stephen King - The Complete and Uncut Edition.

Pet Sematary

Posted: July 9, 2001.

Pocket Books will release a new edition of Pet Sematary in February 2002. I don't know why (the released a new edition just 5 month ago) they are releasing it again. This edition will cost $14.00, which is about $6.00 more than the usual paperback so this is probably a trade paperback.

King's commencement speech to be televised

Posted: July 2, 2001.

King's commencement speech will be televised on C-SPAN at 8 P.M. Eastern time today. It will also be available on C-SPAN'a site at the same time. Besides King, Barbara Bush, Bryant Gumbel, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, and Leon Botstein will talk.

Betts swindled

Posted: June 26, 2001.

The King dealer Betts Bookstore been swindled by one of their customers. Help them get their books back!

Listen to King

Posted: June 22, 2001.

Listen to King's appearance on Fresh Air earlier today here. He talks about his accident & reads from On Writing. Unfortunately the interview was recorded one year ago, but is still quite entertaining.

King on Fresh Air Online

Posted: June 22, 2001.

King will be on Fresh Air Online later today. He will be discussing the car accident and the paperback release of On Writing.

Strawberry Spring

Posted: June 18, 2001.

According to IMDB King's short story Strawberry Spring has been turned into a movie. It will be shown at the St. Louis Local Filmmaker Festival on July 29. If anyone knows more about the movie or the festival, please mail me.

Frank Muller is doing...

Posted: June 12, 2001.

Frank Muller is doing the audio adaptation of The Talisman for Simon and Schuster Audio. It's supposed to be about 27 hours long. No word yet on who will read Black House. Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Creepshows: The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Guide

Posted: June 7, 2001.

The upcoming book about King adaptations; Creepshows: The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Guide by Stephen Jones will contains all major cast and credit information, info about sequel and spin-off, television adaptations, stage shows, radio plays, computer games and details of unproduced and forthcoming projects. As well as contributions from Mick Garris, Bernie Wrightson, Harlan Ellison, Peter Straub, Dennis Etchison, Frank Darabont, David J. Schow and others. Look for a review of it in The Review Section soon!

Secret Windows

Posted: December 11, 2000.

Quality Paperback Book Club is now releasing a paperback version of Secret Windows.

The Sharktank Redemption

Posted: June 4, 2001.

Cinemax Cable Channel will air a short (24 minutes) parody of The Shawshank Redemption called The Sharktank Redemption on June 9, 2001. Thanks to Terry Warrick.

King won a Bram Stoker award

Posted: May 29, 2001.

King won a Bram Stoker award this past weekend at the Stoker Awards in Seattle for best non-fiction piece (On Writing).

Tabitha King hospitalized

Posted: May 25, 2001.

Tabitha King hospitalized at EMMC after experiencing chest pains and difficulty breathing.

Vassar speech

Posted: May 24, 2001.

Read a transcript from King's speech at Vassar.

Images from Vassar

Posted: May 21, 2001.


King will write introduction

Posted: May 20, 2001.

King will write the introduction to M.G. Lewis novel The Monk. It will be released by Oxford University Press will release it sometime next year.

DVD cover for Carrie

Posted: May 15, 2001.

Check out the cover for the DVD version of The 25th Anniversary Edition of Carrie.
Thanks to Terry Warrick.

Commencement address

Posted: May 11, 2001.

King will deliver Vassar College's 137th commencement address at 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 20.


Posted: May 11, 2001.

The upcoming Insomnia movie isn't based on King's book.

On Writing

Posted: May 11, 2001.

King does not expect to pick a winner in the "On Writing exercise" until this fall

King gets a house in Florida

Posted: May 10, 2001.

Stephen King has bought a 7,500-square-foot home on Sarasota’s Casey Key for $8.9 million.

News from the Dead Zone

Posted: May 7, 2001.

King expert Bev Vincent debuts with his column, News from the Dead Zone in Cemetery Dance issue #34. The issue is now out. Get it today!


Posted: May 5, 2001.

The 25th Anniversary Edition of Carrie includes not one but two 45-minute making of documentaries, Acting Carrie and Visualizing Carrie. Also included is what is the guaranteed-to-be-entertaining Carrie: The Musical featurette, text on Stephen King and "The Writing Of Carrie," an animated photo gallery and the original theatrical trailer. Retail is $19.95. Street Date is: August 28, 2001.

Isn't King good enough?

Posted: April 26, 2001.

Isn't King good enough to have written Desperation...


Posted: April 21, 2001.

On April 23, celebrate the "World Day of the Book" with a special contribution by Stephen King. King has hand signed 10 special German editions of his new novel Duddits and will put them up for auction. The auction on the net will start in the morning at 8 am CET, ending at 8 pm. The proceeds will go to 2 German non-profit organizations.

Carrie: Special Edition

Posted: April 21, 2001.

MGM will release Carrie: Special Edition on DVD in August 2001. It will include a "making of" documentary, futurities on Stephen King and "Carrie: The Musical".

Signing in Naples

Posted: April 11, 2001.

King did a signing in Naples, Florida this past weekend.

King special

Posted: April 6, 2001. is running a King special this month. Check it out!

The Rock Bottom Remainders

Posted: April 6, 2001.

The Rock Bottom Remainders tours in late 2001.

No Dark Tower comic book

Posted: April 2, 2001.

OK, the news about comic book versions of King's The Dark Tower isn't true. I don't know if it was supposed to be an April 1st joke or just a joke but it's not true.

Comic Book Galaxy posted an apologize today. Here is what they said:

This page, and all of the filthy lies that it contained, has been removed. We at the Comic Book Galaxy, apologize for any misgivings presented by our former associate, d. emerson eddy, and would publicly like to state that anything you read on this page previously this day was nothing more than LIES! LIES! LIES! perpetrated by someone who hasn't got a clue when it comes to what Marvel or DC are publishing next year.

King's office also denied any such deals today.

King's Dark Tower to become a comic book?

Posted: April 1, 2001.

Yes, it seams to be true. Comic Book Galaxy reported the following:

Well, Marvel has managed to do the near impossible, and gone bigger than Clive Barker. Basically, who's the biggest name in horror?

Stephen King, plain and simple. Starting off with a bang in October will be the new horror imprint, pioneered by four books spinning out of the mind of Stephen King. While the master of the macabre himself won't be writing any of the books, the ideas and characters are purely his. The only confirmed title we have at the moment, though, is a comic adaptation of the acclaimed Dark Tower series. From all I've heard and been sent, the title of the series should be Gunslingers, and while based on the Dark Tower mythos, it will have no impact or continuity with the novels themselves.

I wish I could tell you more about this truly groundbreaking development, but that's all I've been given, and told to sit on. I know that this is going to sour any further information I receive, but I think the comics readers needed, if not deserved, to be told the truth about what's going on in the next year or so.

Personally I have a hard time seeing King releasing the rights to The Dark Tower, he always seams extra protective about them...

Headliners & Legends

Posted: March 31, 2001.

The King-episode of Headliners & Legends will air April 3rd.

An interview...

Posted: March 24, 2001.

Read an interview with King where he talks about Black House and From A Buick Eight.

Headliners & Legends

Posted: March 23, 2001.

The tentative air date for the King-episode of Headliners & Legends is April 2nd.

The Early Show

Posted: March 17, 2001.

King will be on CBS THE EARLY SHOW March 19 and March 20.

Sequels to King movies...

Posted: March 17, 2001.

Rumors about sequels to King movies are starting to emerge...

Tyson moves in...

Posted: March 13, 2001.

BIG things are happening in Lilja's Library at the moment, maybe the biggest thing since sliced bread. The well-known King expert, Tyson Blue, has agreed to make Lilja's Library his official home when he reviews stuff that is connected to Stephen King!

It will be all kinds of reviews (books, audio books, DVD's and so on) and all of you that have read any of Tyson's other stuff knows that this is BIG!

The first review will soon be online but until then you can read a review (by me) of Tyson's own book "Walking The Mile - The Making Of "The Green Mile" in "The Review Section" and an interview with him (also done by me) in "The Interview Section".

Oh, and I will still be doing my own reviews as well.
                                                                                               Thanks Lilja!

New paperback editions

Posted: March 10, 2001.

New English Library has released new paperback editions of almost all King's books.

Firestarter 2

Posted: March 9, 2001.

Are Firestarter 2 in the making?

More Book Report

Posted: March 8, 2001.

OK, this is starting to get confusing but apparently King's letter (essay) is appearing in both Walden Books magazine (Book Report) and in Borders (Inside Borders).

The difference seams to be that in Inside Borders King's letter is all hand written and in Book Report only parts of it is.

Book Report

Posted: March 4, 2001.

Most of you have heard of the bookstore chain Walden Books. They have a free monthly newsletter called Book Report. In the March 2001 issue (that is out now) they have a 2 page spread revealing King's thoughts about how refreshing it was for him to write the first draft of Dreamcatcher the old fashioned way, BY HAND!!!!

The issue also has one additional page with an article about his hometown Bangor.

King's speech at Vassar confirmed

Posted: March 4, 2001.

King's speech at Vassar confirmed.

The Alumnae/Alumni Association as well as C.B., a contact at Vassar College (in NY), have confirmed that King will be a speaker at their Spring Graduation Commencement (nothing yet from the Office of College Relations, though). The date for Vassar College's 137th Commencement is May 20th @ 10:00am-1:00pm in the Outdoor amphi-theater which is located on Sunset Lake. (Side Note: Behind the lake is Sunset Hill and then orchards.

This will be followed by a "Religion Reception" between 1:00pm-4:00pm in Jade Parlor and a "Reception" between 1:00pm-3:00pm on the Library lawn. It has been open in the past but please, don't go unless you have family graduating or are attending the reunion the next day. I'm sure that somewhere, somehow we will see/read King's speech.

Commencement address

Posted: March 1, 2001.

King will probably be giving the commencement address at Vasser (Poughkeepsie, NY) for this springs graduation (probably on May 20th).

For those of you that don't know (I didn't) a commencement is a college (university) graduation! This address is kind of like a keynote speaker at any type of conference.


Posted: March 1, 2001.

No King, only a King-look-a-like in Monkeybone!

King expert Bev Vincent gets his own column

Posted: February 28, 2001.

Here is some interesting news for all you King fans out there! Bev Vincent (who readers of this site know as an King oracle) is finally getting a forum to share his King knowledge in.

Bev will be taking Tyson Blue's place as Cemetery Dance's King columnist. The first one will be in the next issue, which we look forward to with excitement!

King on CBS

Posted: February 28, 2001.

King has been interview by CBS. It will air on March 20.

A response to the letter in Bangor Daily News

Posted: February 26, 2001.

Letters to the Editor
Wednesday, February 21, 2001
King should prevail

Having reviewed Stephen Podolsky’s scolding of Stephen King (BDN, Feb. 17-18) for suing his insurance company to recover what he believes to be his, I must respond.

Podolsky says King has enough money, therefore he doesn’t need more. Then he speaks of the lawyer’s cut, should it settle, and goes on to say that the insurance company claims it paid the maximum allowed for his policy, adding that we all will suffer if King should recover what is justly his through higher insurance rates. I doubt even Podolsky believes those gentle, loving insurance peddlers are being forthright in claiming they have paid their debt to King. I’ll lay you odds they didn’t.

King believes he has been shortchanged. Just because he’s who he is has no bearing on his decision to go forth with a lawsuit. Indeed, as Podolsky points out, he will never “replace the pain and suffering” he endured with money. What did he buy the policy for; perhaps to have an insurance agent stop by periodically and pat his hand and reassure him they care about his pain? Insurance companies operate solely for money.

Many of us have had to go to court to recover what’s ours from insurers who will spend more to prevent payment than to settle. They have been able to purchase their way with political lobbying and protective legislation, and we pay.

My hope is that King prevails. If he does, perhaps a long overdue expose of an uncontrolled insurance industry will be upcoming. Would it be an honest mistake or would it be a form of extortion? Maybe he’ll lose. But he has every right to test them in spite of his wealth or Podolsky’s predisposition to pamper the opposition.

George F. McCann

A letter to the editor of Bangor Daily News

Posted: February 19, 2001.

King could write it off
Saturday, February 17, 2001

I have always been a Stephen King fan and always will be one. Stephen and Tabitha have given so much to our community and charity organizations.

But I am puzzled as to why one of the wealthiest persons in the world (earnings of $65 million in 1999 alone) would sue his insurance company for $10 million (BDN, Feb. 13). Stephen King survived a horrific accident in 1999 and it is amazing he came through it alive. He endured many surgeries and months of rehabilitation, pain and suffering.

Ten million dollars won’t replace any of that pain and suffering. His insurance company paid him $450,000, which the company claims is the limit in that case. They add that King did not have the proper coverage.

Does King need $7 million more? (His lawyers would get $3 million.)

Why wouldn’t he write it off as a tax break? The average working man’s and woman’s insurance rates go up every time an insurance company pays out in lawsuits.

Stephen Podolsky


Posted: February 17, 2001.

King appears in two scenes in the film Monkeybone.

King interviewed on The Mitch Albom Show

Posted: February 16, 2001.

Here are some of the topics he talked about:

King's health:
King seams to be "doing pretty well". His doctor advised him to have more surgery though. It would be to remove "a big piece of metal" that he still has in his hip.

Brian Smith:
said, "I was never angry, not from the very beginning." He also said that a cop who visited him in the hospital told him that the can of Pepsi on the table next to his hospital bed had "a bigger IQ" than Smith.

The Rock Bottom Remainders fall tour:
King said America Scores might send them out on tour again.

King said that it would be released on March 24th ( says March 29th). He said "Think of it as Independence day crossed with Stephen King sensibility" and warned "After reading this book, you'll never want to go into the bathroom again."

The Dark Tower-series
He hopes to be going back to work on the series soon (hopefully this year). King said that he's 53, has been working on DT since he was 22, and it is "Time to put the pedal to the metal and get this thing done...There's only so many years left between me and Alzheimers.

King directing:
King said he wants to direct one more adaptation of one of his books. He also said he learned a lot (mostly what not to do) while directing Maximum Overdrive.

Why was Getting It On rejected

Posted: February 15, 2001.

Read about why Getting It On was rejected.
Darrin passed along this really cool excerpt from The Missouri Review that includes an internal memo stating WHY Knopf decided, in 1971, not to publish a novel called Getting It On by a certain young author named Stephen King. You might know this novel as Rage:

The Missouri Review
Volume XXIII, No. 3
Pages 133-134

"Publication is not Recommended: From the Knopf Archives"

KING, Stephen

A high school student who has been expelled for accidentally hitting a girl over the head with a baseball bat gets a gun out of his locker, kills the Latin teacher, and takes over the Latin class. He calls this "getting it on." While the police, national guard, and other assorted "pigs" are trying to figure out how to get him out of the classroom, he's regaling the kids with his life story (his parents hate him, of course), and then the class turns into a group therapy session, with everyone telling their "real" feelings about things. I didn't stick around for the ending, but I'm sure it would make beautiful (and nauseatingly typical) television.

S. MacGillivray 11/3

Did S.MacGillivray make a mistake or what...

King sues...

Posted: February 13, 2001.

King sues his insurance company for $10 million.

Stephen King Checks Into February 7, 2001Asylum

Posted: February 7, 2001.

Stephen King Checks Into Asylum
Feb 6 2001 11:26PM

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - In a landmark effort by the prolific author and screenwriter, Stephen King has adapted Patrick McGrath's novel "Asylum" for Paramount Pictures, the first time he has tackled a work other than his own for the screen.

The picture is set in an English insane asylum, where the superintendent's wife falls in love with one of the patients, a murderer.

Jonathan Demme ("Beloved") has long been attached to direct the picture with actors Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson also on board, pending Demme's availability.

King has adapted a number of his own books, including horror-thrillers "Creepshow," "Children of the Corn" and "Pet Sematary." His work has also been adapted by others for titles such as "The Green Mile," "The Shining," "Carrie," "The Shawshank Redemption," "Stand by Me" and "Apt Pupil."

The original "Asylum" adaptation was written by Chris Baylis with other rewrites penned by Patrick Marber.

Black House

Posted: February 5, 2001.

Black House set for a September 15 release.

King's deepest fears

Posted: February 1, 2001.

King reveal his deepest fears in the current issue of Men's Health Magazine.

Bates vs. Gates

Posted: February 1, 2001.

Misery vs. Bill Gates. Check out this hilarious game!!!

Documentary about King

Posted: January 26, 2001.

NBC is doing a new documentary about King for Headliners and Legends.

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

Posted: January 23, 2001.

King's story in the New Yorker is a new fiction piece. It's called All That You Love Will Be Carried Away.

New piece

Posted: January 23, 2001.

King has a piece in the latest issue of the New Yorker. I don't know if it's a fiction or non-fiction piece...yet.


Posted: January 15, 2001.

Hodder & Stoughton is now starting to promote Dreamcatcher and plans to re-release all of King's older books.